Potential Problems with Your Fuel Injection Pump in Lake Stevens

fuel injection pump, fuel injectionAre you worried about your fuel injection pump in Lake Stevens? Proper diesel maintenance and repair are essential if you desire a long lifespan for your vehicle. Being aware of these common fuel injection pump issues will help you plan for your next service appointment.

Dirty Fuel

It’s important that you use high-quality fuel in your vehicle in Lake Stevens. Dirty fuel can cause huge problems for your fuel injection pump. Over time, a buildup of residue will begin to gum up your vehicle’s internal workings. The first signs of this are sputtering and hesitation during acceleration.

Not Enough Fuel

As any diesel technician will tell you, it’s absolutely imperative that you drive with sufficient fuel in the tank. The fuel injection pump requires constant lubrication, which the fuel itself provides. When fuel is low, air is pushed through the system instead of diesel. This results in significant wear on the pump bearings and can ruin your injector.

Injector Timing Disruption

Additionally, your fuel injector pump may be failing due to a disruption in injector timing. This could be caused by a defective O-ring or a ball seat. While these tend to wear out over time, address right away when it does occur. Your technician will recommend either a partial-rebuild or complete replacement depending on the pump’s condition.

Need Assistance with Your Fuel Injection Pump in Lake Stevens?

Do you need assistance with your fuel injection pump? Now that you’re familiar with a few of the most common issues, it’s time to speak with a professional. Contact J & M Diesel Inc. in Lynnwood to schedule a consultation today. We’ve served the Lake Stevens area for years. Our highly trained and experienced technicians consistently provide expert advice, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer care. We have the knowledge, skills and equipment to address all of your diesel truck and diesel marine vehicle needs quickly and efficiently.

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