Important Diesel Engine Parts to Know in Seattle

Good diesel engine careDo you own a diesel vehicle in Seattle, Washington? Whether you use your truck for personal or professional purposes, it’s important to become familiar with it, inside and out. In fact, good diesel engine care requires knowledge of the component parts of a diesel engine. This familiarity can be extremely helpful when you need diesel maintenance and repair services. Even just a basic understanding will help you identify potential issues before they develop into expensive disasters. Keep the following engine parts in mind as you drive.

Glow Plugs

Glow plugs are essential parts of your diesel engine. In fact, your vehicle will be unable to start without them. They also have a significant impact on the vehicle’s overall performance.


Injectors are another important diesel engine part. Their purpose is to inject diesel fuel into the engine. Low quality or malfunctioning injectors will prevent your vehicle from performing properly. Ask a diesel technician for assistance if this is a concern.


Nozzles are another important part that helps keep your diesel engine running properly. These diesel truck parts are activated 1,000 times per minute and are made to withstand extremely heavy demands. Ask your technician which kind of nozzle is installed in your vehicle.

Time for Diesel Repair Services in Seattle?

Is it time to schedule diesel repair services for your vehicle in Seattle, Washington? Now that you’re a little more familiar with some of the most common engine parts, you can spot potential issues sooner. Contact J & M Diesel Inc. in Lynnwood to schedule a consultation or request a free estimate today. Our technicians have served the Seattle community for years and always provide expert advice, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer care. Big job or small, you can trust that we have the knowledge, skills and equipment to address all of your diesel truck and diesel marine vehicle needs quickly and efficiently.

Diesel Engine Experts in Seattle

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