What to Know about Diesel Fleet Maintenance in Los Angeles

diesel fleet maintenance los angeles The best way to keep your business running smoothly is to ensure you schedule all necessary diesel fleet maintenance in a timely manner. If your company depends on fleet vehicles, keeping them in good condition should be your top priority. After all, when your fleet isn’t running, your clients aren’t paying. Ideally, you should have a diesel technician check vehicles regularly. 

Types of Maintenance 

There are two different ways to approach diesel fleet maintenance: Proactive and reactive. Those who approach life reactively often find themselves scrambling to fit in unplanned services due to breakdowns, while proactive maintenance results in fewer surprises. Companies enrolled in fleet service programs have less major repairs.

Developing a Plan

Good fleet maintenance starts with you and the way you approach it. You’re likely to see the best results when you develop a cohesive and easy-to-follow plan. Consider creating a checklist of the most important preventative maintenance tasks. You can project the frequency of inspections and service depending on how often the vehicles are driven.  

Training Drivers

Your drivers are the first line of defense for your vehicles, so it’s important that they all receive adequate training. Teaching these professionals to keep track of maintenance needs can be incredibly helpful. Consider incorporating a weekly checklist that assesses the functionality of tires, wipers, temperature control, brakes and steering. Also make it easy to report potential issues, like misfires, rough idling or body damage.

Interested in a Diesel Fleet Maintenance Program near Los Angeles?

J & M Diesel Inc. can help with all your diesel fleet maintenance, as well as diesel engine repair. Our team has the knowledge and experience to work on both diesel trucks and diesel marine vehicles. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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