Important Diesel Engine Parts to Know Near Seattle

Good diesel engine careDo you own and operate a diesel vehicle near Seattle, Washington? Whether for personal or commercial use, it’s essential to develop at least a baseline understanding of some of the more critical diesel engine parts. This can come in handy if you begin recognizing the signs that there may be troubles under the hood. This helps you realize or at least suspect that the issues lie with the engine, and diesel engine repair from a professional is required.

Glow Plugs

Glow plugs are a critical engine part. If the part becomes faulty or wears out, your diesel vehicle may have issues starting or may begin lagging in performance.


Injectors are another hugely critical engine piece. As implied in the name, the injector injects fuel into the engine. Once the injectors begin to fail, your vehicle will struggle to receive ample fuel and experience severe performance issues.


Nozzles are pivotal for maintaining consistent engine performance. These diesel truck parts run up to 1,000 times every 60 seconds and are designed to endure high demands. If this part does begin to wear, the engine will not perform up to par.

We Provide Various Engine Diesel Parts Near Seattle

Does your diesel engine need maintenance or repairs near Seattle, Washington? Having at least a general knowledge of the more vital diesel engine parts will help you become cognizant of engine troubles. Contact J & M Diesel Inc. in Lynnwood to book an appointment with a diesel engine technician. Our team can determine the precise part that’s faulty and perform the appropriate repairs and/or parts replacement in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Apart from land vehicles, we also service diesel marine vehicles.

Diesel Engine Parts and Repairs Near Seattle

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