Common Causes of Diesel Turbocharger Failure Near Everett

diesel turbocharger failure, diesel turbochargerAre you worried something may be amiss with your diesel turbocharger in Everett, Washington? Turbochargers shuttle air into the combustion chamber and supply the car with its power. Proper diesel maintenance and repair include regularly inspecting your turbocharger. While this part lasts for many years, multiple issues can cause it to fail prematurely. A diesel technician will need to make an assessment. Some of the most prevailing problems that lead to diesel turbocharger failure include the following.

Buildup of Debris

Over time, small pebbles and debris can get into the diesel turbocharger. While the air filter will catch most foreign particles, a dirty filter may not be able to intercept every piece of debris. An accumulation of materials will lead to an erosion in performance.

Faulty Seals or Cracks

Cracks or broken seals between the engine and compressor can force the diesel turbocharger to work harder. When there’s trouble getting air into the engine, there is less power generated, and failure eventually occurs.

Carbon Deposits

Clean oil is required to lubricate the diesel turbocharger parts. When the oil becomes stale or dirty, carbon deposits begin to accrue and damage the internal components. You can prevent this by periodically getting an oil change and replacing the filter.

Do You Suspect Diesel Turbocharger Failure Near Everett?

Now that you understand some of the common causes of diesel turbocharger failure near Everett, it’s time to get your vehicle looked at by a professional. Contact J & M Diesel Inc. in Lynnwood to schedule a date and time for dropping off your car. We perform engine maintenance on all diesel vehicle types, including diesel trucks and marine vehicles. Let us diagnose your vehicle and get it back into peak operating condition.

Diesel Turbocharger Failure Assessment Near Everett

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