Reasons for Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Failure Near Bellingham

diesel fuel injection pump, diesel injection pumpThe diesel fuel injection pump is an integral component in diesel vehicles. If something goes wrong, it can compromise performance. If you’re a car owner in or around Bellingham, Washington, then schedule auto repairs with a diesel maintenance specialist if you notice a decrease in performance. Here are some of the causes that lead to a faulty fuel injection pump.

Dirty Fuel

Fuel can get dirty if the filter is worn and not adequately filtering out contaminants. The dirty fuel gets into the fuel injection pump, causing it to fail. This leads to a buildup of residue in the fuel system. This manifests in the form of engine sputtering and delayed acceleration.

Not Enough Fuel

The fuel injection pump performs optimally when there’s ample fuel. When the tank is low on fuel, excess air is shuttled through the pump. This can lead to performance issues and warrants a professional inspection.

Bad Injector Timing

Injection pump wear may also stem from a failing O-ring or ball seat. This can lead to inaccurate injection timing. If this is the issue, a mechanic will need to replace the injection pump entirely or perform an extensive rebuild on the part.

Need Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Repair Near Bellingham?

Do you suspect your diesel fuel injection pump may be on the brink of failure? Make an appointment with J & M Diesel Inc. for an immediate inspection. We perform checkups on all models, from diesel trucks to diesel marine vehicles. You can depend on us for all automotive diesel services. Our crew has the credentials and tools of the trade to perform diagnosis and repairs to industry requirements.

Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Replacement Near Bellingham

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