Diesel Engine Care Tips Near Mukilteo

Diesel Engine Care MukilteoDiesel engine care is a necessity. This holds true whether you operate a diesel truck or diesel marine vehicle. The summer weather makes this especially important to prevent the engine from overheating. Routine professional maintenance will prevent premature wear. Here are additional tips for preserving the engine’s life.

Monitor Coolant 

Diesel engines run on higher pressure, making it more prone to overheating. This makes the coolant system all the more important. Always monitor the coolant and ensure there are adequate fluid levels. Add coolant to the reservoir if levels fall below the fill line.

Change Fuel Filters

As a rule of thumb, a technician should change the fuel filter every 1,500 miles. A clean filter will prevent debris and other contaminants from getting into the filter and causing a degradation in performance.

Choose High-Quality Air Filters

Not all air filters are created equal. To ensure the diesel engine continues to run at its peak, regularly inspect the air filter. Replacing the unit when it gets too dirty will go a long way in preserving your engine. Diesel trucks especially require regular air filter changes due to their high engine output. 

Need Help with Diesel Engine Care Near Mukilteo?

The above tips will keep the engine running more smoothly and consistently. However, even if you can manage these issues in your own garage, they are not a replacement for professional maintenance. This is why you need to contact J & M Diesel for assistance. We have the commercial equipment to service all diesel engine types to industry guidelines. This includes engines from well-known manufacturers like Caterpillar, Cummins, John Deere, and Detroit Diesel.

Diesel Engine Care Experts Near Mukilteo

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