Common Marine Diesel Engine Problems Near Monroe

diesel engine EdmondsDo you own a marine vehicle near Monroe? As with diesel trucks, marine vehicles require extensive care to ensure they operate reliably in their environment. This is why it’s crucial that owners be able to identify marine diesel engine problems when they arise. Here is a list of common issues to be mindful of. If you suspect any of these problems, you need to schedule professional auto servicing right away.

Fuel Valve Malfunction 

Without routine care, diesel engine fuel valves can incur cracks and eventually a leak. This is especially prone to happen after a drastic and sudden temperature change during vehicle operation. 

Air Leakage

Marine diesel engine air leaks start small and gradually expand over time. Pinpointing the exact source and location of the leak can be difficult without the right expertise and commercial diagnosing tools. This is why you should leave the diagnosis to a diesel marine expert.

Defective Gauges

Marine vehicles contain various gauges and meters. Any one of these can malfunction due to old age or a loose connection, leading to inaccurate readings. If you notice large discrepancies in the readings, then there may be a problem or two with the gauges.

Having Trouble with Marine Diesel Engine Problems Near Monroe?

Have any of these issues suddenly arisen in your marine vehicle? It’s imperative that you make haste and contact the professional team at J & M Diesel. We have years of experience detecting marine diesel engine problems and performing the appropriate repairs and parts replacement. Diesel maintenance is our specialty, and we perform care on popular diesel engine brands like Cummins, Caterpillar, John Deere, and Detroit Diesel. 

We Fix Marine Diesel Engine Problems Near Monroe

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