What to Know about Diesel Fleet Maintenance Near Los Angeles

diesel fleet maintenance los angelesA sure way to keep your business operating without a hitch is to ensure you schedule all required diesel fleet maintenance. If your company makes use of fleet vehicles, keeping them in peak condition should be a routine affair. This can be done by entrusting the inspections and tune-ups to a diesel mechanic near Los Angeles.

Types of Maintenance 

There are two methods of approaching diesel maintenance: Proactive and reactive. To be proactive means to schedule routine maintenance as a preventive measure. When you approach the issue reactively, you only address issues as they arise. This can result in costly repairs, not to mention it can lead to downtime as your vehicle is out of operation.

Developing a Plan

Solid fleet maintenance begins with your approach. You reap optimal results when you create a cohesive plan of action. A good plan is to have a checklist that you can update in real time through an online planner. This way, you have an organized way of logging in maintenance records of each vehicle in your fleet.

Training Drivers

The condition of your fleet vehicles largely depends on how your drivers operate them. Train your drivers on best practices, such as avoiding excessive idling, and performing a pre-operation check before turning the ignition. There should also be a procedure in place for reporting vehicle issues.

Interested in a Diesel Fleet Maintenance Program Near Los Angeles?

J & M Diesel Inc. can assist you with all your diesel fleet maintenance needs near Los Angeles. We regularly service fleet vehicles, including diesel trucks and diesel marine crafts. We also have a plethora of experience servicing diesel engines from well-known brands like Cummins, John Deere, Caterpillar, and Detroit Diesel. 

Diesel Fleet Maintenance Experts near Los Angeles

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