Common Causes of Diesel Turbocharger Failure Near Everett

diesel turbocharger failure, diesel turbochargerAre you concerned something may be wrong with your diesel engine near Everett, Washington? Turbochargers transport air into the combustion chamber and provide the car with its power. Adequate diesel care includes routinely checking the turbocharger. While this component lasts for many years, several problems can cause it to fail sooner than later. A diesel technician will have to perform a checkup. Some of the most prevailing issues that cause diesel turbocharger failure include the following.

Buildup of Debris

Over the years, small rocks and debris can get lodged in the diesel turbocharger. While the air filter can intercept most particles, a dirty filter won’t be able to stop every piece of debris. A buildup of materials will lead to a gradual decrease in performance.

Faulty Seals or Cracks

Broken seals between the engine and compressor can cause the diesel turbocharger to perform harder than necessary. When there are issues shuttling air into the engine, less power is generated, and failure consequently arises.

Carbon Deposits

Clean oil is needed to lubricate the diesel turbocharger components. When the oil turns stale, carbon deposits start to collect and harm the inner components. Offset this by regularly getting an oil change and replacing or cleaning the filter.

Do You Suspect Diesel Turbocharger Failure Near Everett?

Now that you know some of the usual culprits of diesel turbocharger failure near Everett, it’s time for a technician to assess your diesel truck or marine vehicle. Contact J & M Diesel Inc. in Lynnwood to set up an appointment. The diesel turbocharger going awry is a serious issue and requires a professional evaluation from one of our experienced mechanics.

Diesel Turbocharger Failure Assessment

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