Signs Your Fleet Vehicle Requires a Mill Creek Semi-Truck Repair Near Me

JM Diesel Mill Creek semi-truck repair near meSemi-trucks are heavy-duty vehicles made for industrial use. They’re subjected to far greater stress compared to a civilian vehicle. This makes routine care all the more important for Mill Creek truck operators. Recognize the following signs; they indicate you may need semi-truck repair near me.

Engine Overheating

Diesel engines in fleet vehicles are built to withstand the high-temperatures associated with heavy-duty use. Nevertheless, they’re still capable of overheating, especially if routine maintenance like oil and filter changes are neglected. If the temperature gauge indicates dangerously high heat, get the vehicle to a truck service center.

Electrical Issues

Modern semi-trucks have advanced electrical systems. Signs of compromised electric parts include flickering lights, fading dashboard lights or a dead battery. Failing electrical components can render the vehicle unsuitable for commercial application.

Strange Sounds

The vehicle may emit odd sounds that are clearly out of place, such as squealing, grinding and screeching. The source of the problem, though, is difficult to pinpoint and requires professional diagnosing. Knocking noises may signal an issue with the starter or alternator. Similarly, cranking sounds may point to a suspension or steering problem.

Steering Problems

The steering may feel off, such as excessive play in the steering wheel and having to turn the wheel more than normal. The driver may also report greater difficulty making tight turns. The issue may stem from a power steering fluid leak, a faulty suspension or even uneven tire wear. Address this issue immediately as faulty steering is a serious safety liability and puts others on the road at risk.

Do You Need Semi-Truck Repair Near Me?

If you need semi-truck repair near me, look no further than J & M Diesel near Mill Creek. We have a wealth of experience in all things diesel engines, including marine vehicles. Leave it to us to serve your diesel engine maintenance and repair needs.

Expert Semi-Truck Repair Near Me

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