Potential Problems with Your Fuel Injector Pump in Lake Stevens

fuel injector pump in Lake StevensAre you worried about your fuel injector pump in Lake Stevens? Adequate diesel maintenance and repair are pivotal if you want to extend your car’s longevity. Learn the typical causes that lead to this component wearing out.

Dirty Fuel

It’s essential that you use high-quality fuel for your diesel vehicle. Dirty and sludge-like fuel can lead to problems for your fuel pump. Eventually, a build-up of debris will begin to clog the car’s internal parts. When the fuel is dirty, the car may begin lagging and sputtering, especially as you accelerate.

Not Enough Fuel

As any diesel technician will attest to, it’s of absolute importance that you drive with sufficient fuel levels. The fuel injectior needs constant lubrication, which the fuel itself provides. When the fuel is low, air is shuttled into the system instead of diesel. This causes serious wear on the pump bearings and can stress the injector. Continue Reading →

Why You Need a Monroe Trucking Mechanic Near Me

diesel truck preventative maintenance Lake StevensWe can’t emphasize enough the importance of a diesel trucking mechanic near me. Learn why maintenance work at a Monroe shop is necessary at regular intervals and how it can extend your truck’s life and save you money in the long haul. 

Reduced Fuel Costs

Maintenance usually includes a filter replacement and an oil change. When you replace these parts as required, it helps your truck perform at its peak and promotes fuel efficiency. This saves you money every time you make a stop at the fuel station.

Less Expensive Repairs

All vehicles require repairs sooner or later; diesel automobiles are no exception. When you follow routine diesel maintenance, the mechanic can detect a failing part before the issue gets worse. This minimizes the chances of a more costly repair or rebuild.

Safer Vehicle

Safety is a major variable whether you’re operating a privately owned diesel truck or a commercial fleet vehicle. Preventative maintenance ensures all safety issues, such as faulty brakes, are diagnosed in their initial stages of wear. This keeps you and your fellow motorists safe on the road.

Need a Diesel Trucking Mechanic Near Me?

As the owner, you need to take an active position in your truck’s health. The way to do this is by calling J & M Diesel Inc. to arrange a checkup near Monroe. Rest easy knowing that we’ll assess your truck using state-of-the-art tools and come up with an accurate diagnosis. Aside from diesel trucks, we also conduct similar work for diesel marine vehicles. We often service diesel engines from established manufacturers like Cummins, Detroit Diesel, John Deere, and Caterpillar.

Top-Notch Diesel Trucking Mechanic Near Me

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Signs You Need Diesel Engine Repair Near Snohomish

diesel engine repair, diesel engine repair indicators

Do you think something may be wrong with your vehicle’s engine near Snohomish, Washington? Owners must be able to recognize the diesel engine repair indicators and act by getting their vehicle to a diesel repair service. This ensures timely inspections and repairs. The quicker you act the better probability of avoiding serious damage.

Difficulty Starting

Is your vehicle having difficulty starting when you crank the ignition? A mechanic may have to take a look at the compression system. When this part fails, it may prevent the engine from starting. Diagnosing the compression system is a fairly easy test that only takes several minutes to conduct at a diesel repair shop.

Bluish Smoke

Do you notice bluish smoke coming from the hood? This isn’t typical and warrants an observation. This is an indicator the engine is accruing too much heat and is burning its oil. This also indicates a leak, likely stemming from a faulty oil chamber.

Knocking Sounds

Diesel engines generate roaring noises, but they shouldn’t produce knocking sounds. This is a symptom of a bad engine part or two. This requires a professional assessment right away.

Notice any Diesel Engine Repair Indicators Near Snohomish?

Did you notice any of the aforementioned diesel engine repair indicators in your vehicle? If you do, then make an appointment for an inspection by a professional mechanic. Contact J & M Diesel Inc. near Snohomish to get started. Our technicians work on diesel engine maintenance for trucks and marine vehicles. We don’t recommend ignoring the symptoms of engine trouble. Act now by getting professional servicing ASAP. Give your diesel vehicle the attention and care it requires for the best performance.

Recognize the Diesel Engine Repair Indicators

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The Importance of Diesel Fleet Scheduled Maintenance in Lynnwood

diesel fleet service, scheduled maintenance

If you own a fleet of diesel vehicles for your business, then you understand how crucial it is that each unit performs optimally. Performance woes can cause downtime, leading to lost revenue. Think about the various benefits of diesel fleet scheduled maintenance in Lynnwood. The time it takes to service your fleet is an investment that will have a positive net impact.

Reliable Service

When your diesel trucks don’t receive routine servicing, their performance starts to gradually diminish. This may manifest in poorer fuel efficiency or even a sudden breakdown, rendering the truck out of service. You lose money for every fleet vehicle that’s sitting out due to pending repairs.

Lower Repair Costs

With routine maintenance, your diesel vehicles aren’t as likely to need expensive repairs or rebuilds of critical components. Regular servicing is typically more affordable than an occasional costly repair. Prioritizing maintenance will help you notice problems before serious damage occurs.

Maximum Customer Approval

Vehicle breakdowns cause a service delay. This leads to a domino effect of prolonged wait times for clients, therefore leading to higher customer disapproval, bad business reviews, and lowered client retention. This can happen with the breakdown of just a single vehicle.

Need Diesel Fleet Scheduled Maintenance in Lynnwood?

Is it a company initiative to prioritize diesel fleet scheduled maintenance? It’s an investment that will assist in the company’s bottom line. Start with an initial appointment by contacting J & M Diesel Inc. in Lynnwood. Our service is comprehensive and also includes marine vehicle maintenance. We have worked on diesel engines from trusted manufacturers, including Cummins, Detroit Diesel, John Deere, Caterpillar, and more.

Diesel Fleet Scheduled Maintenance for Commercial Vehicles

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Common Causes of Diesel Turbocharger Failure Near Everett

diesel turbocharger failure, diesel turbochargerAre you concerned something may be wrong with your diesel engine near Everett, Washington? Turbochargers transport air into the combustion chamber and provide the car with its power. Adequate diesel care includes routinely checking the turbocharger. While this component lasts for many years, several problems can cause it to fail sooner than later. A diesel technician will have to perform a checkup. Some of the most prevailing issues that cause diesel turbocharger failure include the following.

Buildup of Debris

Over the years, small rocks and debris can get lodged in the diesel turbocharger. While the air filter can intercept most particles, a dirty filter won’t be able to stop every piece of debris. A buildup of materials will lead to a gradual decrease in performance.

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Preparing for Diesel Engine Services Near Anacortes

diesel engine services

Are you the owner of a diesel vehicle, and is it undergoing problems? It may be time to set up an appointment with diesel engine services near Anacortes, Washington. Forgoing diesel maintenance will only exacerbate lingering issues; truck problems hardly ever go away on their own. After an appointment is set up, there are some steps we recommend taking before the service date. This makes for a more seamless process and makes the ensuing examination more sensible for you and the technician alike.

Ask Important Questions

Create a list of questions you wish to ask the technicians. These inquiries should be related to the issues. However, it can also be more general questions you have about your diesel engine.

Request a Written Estimate

Upon the initial assessment, be sure you get a quote in writing. This way, you won’t be surprised by extra surcharges. If the technician detects other issues that require servicing beyond what was outlined in the contract, he/she should notify you beforehand and make updates to the written contract.

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Important Diesel Engine Parts to Know Near Seattle

Good diesel engine careDo you own a diesel vehicle near Seattle, Washington? This automobile may be for commercial or personal use, or both. Regardless, it’s important to have a basic understanding of some of the intricate parts. This can be useful if the engine begins acting up, as it may help you identify the cause or begin to suspect that something isn’t right. More importantly, it prompts you to bring in the vehicle for diesel repairs.

Glow Plugs

Glow plugs are an essential engine component that assists in heating the engine during startup. They play a major role despite their relatively small size. If it wears out, your vehicle may lag or have trouble starting.


Injectors are another highly important engine part. As suggested in its title, the injector injects fuel into the engine. If the injectors are compromised, the vehicle will have a difficult time receiving adequate fuel and experience degrading performance.

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Important Diesel Truck Preventative Maintenance Near Mukilteo

Lynnwood diesel truck servicesAre you taking adequate care of your truck in or near Mukilteo, Washington? When was the last time you brought the truck to a shop for truck preventative maintenance? It’s important that you bring the vehicle in for truck services. This includes complete maintenance of the diesel engine, transmission, and other vital components. Regular upkeep from a professional is essential for the vehicle’s longevity and performance. Typically, truck diesel maintenance will comprise of these following services.

Clean Engine

The cleaner the engine, the better the performance. Excess gunk inhibits the engine from running at its peak, so be certain the engine has minimal sludge and other debris.

Fluid Check

Be sure the mechanic examines the various fluids. If any of them are low or look gritty, they may need to be topped off or even require a full flush. Fluids can also turn acidic over time, rendering them less effective.

Change Filters

Another crucial facet of diesel truck care is a filter change. This goes for the engine, fuel, and cabin filters. If the filter looks dirty, you have to replace them, or at least clean them if reusable.

Oil Change

Routine oil changes are an absolute necessity. In most cases, you should perform an oil change every 5,000 to 10,000 miles. The interval varies significantly depending on the model and the daily driving conditions.

Need Diesel Truck Preventative Maintenance Near Mukilteo?

Diesel vehicles require specific maintenance that a general auto repair shop may not have the expertise or equipment to provide. Contact J & M Diesel Inc. in Lynnwood to make arrangements for an inspection from a certified professional. Apart from trucks, we also perform diesel engine checks on marine vehicles. 

Truck Preventative Maintenance Near Mukilteo

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How to Avoid Overpaying a Bellingham Diesel Service Shop

affordable Bellingham diesel service shop

If you require an affordable diesel service, you want to be confident that you’re getting the professional service you need at a fair price. This applies whether you require diesel truck repair or a diesel marine vehicle inspection. Most shops charge a rate that’s in line with industry norms. However, there are a few shops that do charge far above the average. Here are some tips to help you find a legitimate shop that charges a reasonable and fair rate.

Determine the Local Average

Research the average fee of diesel maintenance and repair in your region. Bear in mind that prices may vary, even between cities within the same county. This is something to be privy to especially if you’re considering a repair shop in an adjacent city or city two towns over.

Get a Second Opinion

Make phone calls and acquire quotes from at least three diesel shops. Most should lie within the average. If one or two of the quotes far surpass this average, then these are the shops that charge higher than normal.

Consider the Overall Value

Don’t automatically discount a shop that charges higher than the average. Some companies may need to charge a slightly higher rate. This may stem from multiple reasons, such as hiring experienced and licensed technicians or investing in the latest computer diagnostic tools. Other companies may also provide incentives like extended warranties or only use OEM parts for repairs.

Need Affordable Diesel Service Near Bellingham?

If you require affordable diesel service, then no need to look past J & M Diesel to make an appointment. We have serviced diesel engines for many years and always at a rate in line with industry price points.

Expert and Affordable Diesel Service Near Bellingham

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Questions to Ask a Monroe Diesel Repair Shop

Tacoma diesel service shopWhen you’re looking for a Monroe diesel repair shop in your area, finding a reliable technician isn’t always easy, especially if you’re not versed in automotive fundamentals. The optimal way to gauge repair centers is by asking multiple questions. We recommend the following inquiries to assist you in your search.

Are the Mechanics Experienced with Your Vehicle?

Not all diesel maintenance shops are comparable. Results can vary significantly based on experience, and this can differ between shops. Ask the mechanic how many years he/she has been working in the industry that’s specific to diesel engines.

How Long Will the Work Take to Complete?

Ask about the timeframe of completion. This is typically given along with the estimate. Keep in mind, though, that the date the mechanic gives is just an estimate. This means completion can occur a day or two sooner or later. It’s also possible the mechanic can discover additional issues and prolong repairs. Continue Reading →